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Huwebes, Pebrero 28, 2019

Huwebes, Marso 23, 2017

Blogging Tips #1 – Consistency

Blogging is indeed one of the hardest part of making money online, it’s a personal knowledge that you need to apply. For some, blogging is another way of enjoying oneself by writing articles based on their personal interest.  There are about 40% of total population that are computer literate are engaging into blogging. Blogging like what said, it’s one of the hardest things to do online, not just only making money from it but on how to start with it.

Proper ideas, basic knowledge and power of interest and patience will lead you into a successful blogger someday. One of best source of ideas on how to start blogging is your computer and internet with the help of google. When you type how to start blogging or how to blog at google you can find different sources that will teach how. Reading and learning is the best way to start.

Once you learned basic blogging activities, you have to be consistent with your work. Blogging is not about making a lot of domains and addresses; blogging is all about how you will deliver your content to the World Wide Web. You are actually contributing your ideas and knowledge to millions and billions of audiences online. When you do your blog, make it more interesting and stable, more content to read and consistent with your personal domain.

Most of the failures of blogger are inconsistency; they are not focusing one blog domain. When you keep on jumping from one blog to another, you are just wasting your time and effort to build it that will simply end up nothing but failures.

When you start blogging, consistency is very important. When you build up your domain or blog name give time, not just hours, days but as long as you can to make it more interesting, updated and more content to read. When you do blogging you are not just dealing with the attractive site you have, you are dealing with the people who are reading your content. Stay with one blog, write according to your niche and continue posting, publishing and writing articles. It will soon become one of the blog that gain more traffic from different part of the world.

Indeed, blogging is awesome. Once you have the best blog with millions of traffic you can start making money from it. 

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Make money using your android phone

Making money within the comfort of your home comes with different ways and strategies and also involves great effort, ideas and devices. Since the computer was invented, opportunities of making money within the comfort of your home using computer and access to internet became the most influential to everyone. Making thousand of dollars without having a regular job, without a boss and within the comfort of your home is indeed a unique way of making money for a living and its a life that only few people did.

Today, the technology evolve in its fast pace environment. New devices are invented and new technology are made. We have now the growing evolution of mobile phones. Smart Phones powered with powerful system that brings the world into one small device where everyone are able to search, internet and access to a website the same what we can do with the computer.

Mobile devices are very common nowadays, but most of us used mobiles for basic communications and spending more time with facebook. Did you know that we can possibly earn money within the comfort of your home. Yes, i am telling you this because i knew and i do earning using my mobile phone powered with android. If you cellphone are capable of downloading applications, access to internet then your good to go to earn from it.

There are several programs, applications that will help you to earn with in the comfort of your home using your mobile device or android phone.

Below are the example of working and paying application including their overviews, try to search and do some background check as well.

1. Fotoku - Its a unique platform that allow users to take selfies photos and post it in their fotoku profile with frames. Frames are required when you upload photos in your Fotoku profile. This platform helps clients advertised their products and service to the world wide web.

2. Snap Cart - Snap cart is one of the legitimate platform that helps individual earn from the receipt when they are purchasing any products from well known merchant. If you are buying groceries, products then you keep the receipt and submit it to snap car. As a return snap car will give you rebates according to the total amount you made from the purchases.

3. Humanatics - Humanatic is indeed one of the oldest and legitimate money making program. If you are familiar with call center then it is somehow related to it. Humanatic provides system that will helps individual to earn by simply reviewing calls. And using your android phone, you can download humanatic apps, sign up for your account using your verified paypal and start making dollar from it.

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Linggo, Marso 12, 2017

Earn Dollars by doing simple tasks at microworkers

Earning from legitimate programs and sites is the things that we are considering when it comes to making money online. World wide web is the wide area where you can find not just thousand but millions of programs to choose. Out of millions there are few sites that truly giving the best and legitimate opportunity to earn. One of the site that i can consider as legitimate and really pays you is the microworkers. Microworkers is a platform where clients offer simple tasks to be done by us. Those tasks are paid once given requirements are complied.

Those tasks are very simple, reading the instruction and doing it in just few minutes and your done. Earning money are based on completed and approved tasks. All tasks submitted will undergo checking, the client will check if the submitted requirements are correct and will only takes 3 days.

Below are the example earning of one of the microworkers earners. Its not big as what you are expected, but it is a good way to consider as part time. Making money within the comfort of your home without investment is truly and opportunity

Joining Microworkers i free, no investment needed. This opportunity is open to anyone who are interested to join. This is just one of the legitimate money making online that you have to join. Doing simple task and earning money is easy!

Below are the example tasks from different clients. Everyday you can do simple microjobs, and you can proceed to any tasks available.

How to join?

Joining microworkers is really simply, just visit the website www.microworkers.com fill up the form and submit.

You can choose different money processor to withdraw your earning. For me, i used paypal it is convenient and easy way to transact my money from microworkers to my bank.

Available processor:

DWolla (USA users only)
Moneybookers (Skrill)
Payoneer (Sign Up with Payoneer)

Take note***

Minimum withrawal is $10. Once you reached the $10 threeshold for first timer, Microworkers will send you the pin. It will take a month or so to get the pin before you can proceed with withdrawal. Withdrawing a money requires a pin. That pin will be provided by the microworkers for you via mail.

Example of in emailed to you:

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Humanatic- I earn $5 dollars every hour

Have you ever tried working at home and earning money according to what you are capable of doing the task? There are different ways on how to make money online, you can choose different variety of opportunities, you can start by investing your money in a stock market, or searching for the best investment online where you can grow your money? There different programs that you might encounter while searching for the best opportunity online, but...the risk is vulnerable when you are doing it.

Here comes one of the best site where you can earn real money online by reviewing calls. Is it a kind of call center? No, its a program where you can listen to a recorded calls and do some review. It easy as listening and tagging the calls either it is connected or not. However, there are several categories to choose if you are capable of reviewing it.

Humanatic is under the Century interactive company, i am not so familiar with the company but i am making money since 2014. When i started this opportunity, i was not so good of doing it so i earned few bucks like $2 to $5 dollars a day, its just few dollars compare to those who started a long time ago. They are making money, real money up top $50 a day, that is equivalent to Php. 2000 pesos in Philippine Currency. Indeed its a good thing to consider as part time but other are doing it full time online.

It was 2014 when i started my journey with the Humanatics, i study the system, i learn and asks how it works and i joined facebook groups that related to humanatics. Slowly, i learned how to do it and making money is really an easy way with Humanatic. These are the few earnings  i earned when is started this program.

For my first 3 months, i earned $20 to $30 a month. A small thing but it will get bigger as i spend time learning it.


If you will visit their website you can see at their page what to do. And you are welcome with a very encouraging headlines.

Simply, you listen to recorded phone calls, answers simple question or reviewing it and click the right option and earn real money. Simple as that.


1. Humanatic required a verified paypal before joining the site, you must have a verified paypal before clicking the sign up. Create your account at paypal here ( Click here )
2. Once you have a verified paypal account, you can go to their website www.humanatic.com and click sign up.
3. There are forms that you need fill up, its takes few minutes to do so.

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Miyerkules, Enero 21, 2015

Raise more chicken and earn bitcoins at chickencoins.biz

When it comes to making money online several system are being offered by different websites. But how we can assure that those system are legitimate and trusted? Knowing the background of the website, knowing the feedback from other people and giving a test drive or test run and always ask from those who have expertise to that particular website and there are the best way to know for it legitimacy. However, investment sometimes are needed to start, dont invest unless you are not sure.

Here comes the most trusted and fun way of making money " Chickencoins" its another unique and brilliant system that will teach you how to raise chicken production. Chicken coins taught everyone how to be responsible enough in handling their business, its a real business indeed.

In this system, you can do a lot of exciting activities like buying chickens and they will lay eggs and you can sell eggs for silver and exchange your silver into bitcoins.


1. You can earn bitcoins from your chicken productions, its business where you can start from zero investment. However, if you want to earn fast and easy investment is required.

2. In this business, you can learn how to balance your profit and which you can buy foods for your chicken to keep them alive and buy more chicken to lay more eggs for more income.

3. This game will teaches everyone how to become responsible business owner. Its not a passive system where you have to wait and gain. You have to monitor your chicken, your food consumption and of course you have to sell some of your eggs.

4. Will let you maximize your earnings by buying more chickens. Keep all your profits and goal for higher and expensive chicken so they will lay more eggs and earn more bitcoings as well.


1. As you wish not to invest, chickencoins will provide free chicken for you to raise and free foods. Raise this chicken and aim for more.

2. Earning from the start without investment may vary if how much chicken you have. If you start from no investment and use the free chicken, it may take 2 to 3 months before you can establish your business production and gain more.

3. If  you wish to invest, you can start from BTC. 01 to exchange silver and by more chicken. If you trust the website, dont afraid to invest. Its more fun when you see your silver flooding in your account.

4. Silver rate to bitcoins. 1000 silver = 1 mbtc.


1. First secure for your bitcoin wallet, you can register at www.coins.ph or www.blackcain.com
2. Register at chickencoins.biz, fill up the form and complete the registration process.
3. Familiarize the platform by logging to your account, grab your free chicken and read the rules.

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Huwebes, Nobyembre 6, 2014

How to Earn at Paidverts


Paidverts or PV is the highest paying paid to click (PTC) site. It has the greatest innovation and rapid growth among those emerging online paying site.

PaidVerts is a platform where it pays each user thru clicking of paid ads. Your earnings will vary according to your current BAPs (Bonus Ad Points), the more BAPs you have. the higher daily earnings you will get.


BAP or BONUS AD POINTS is a PV currency unit.

1 BAP is worth of  $0.0005 paid ads, each BAP will be converted into a paid ads that will be delivered to you everyday and if you don't have any BAP, then you are not eligible to earn from particular ads. 

TIPS: Maximize your BAP to earn more and to view more high value ads up to $20 per ads or higher if you are lucky enough. Use your BAP to buy micro adsMicro ads package is not your daily paid ads, it's just an addition to your daily earnings.

You can receive free 400 BAP daily by viewing your daily paid ads or thru Bulk Ads purchase.

View all your daily paid ads and get all your daily free BAPS.



2. Click the three buttons, and click Proceed to Advertisers Website

3. Enter Captcha and click CONFIRM


**If you have at least a 100 BAP, then request a 2 micro ad packs if possible, it contains 12 paid ads with values ranging from $0.0005 - $0.0125.


Click Paid Ads and Request Micro Ad Pack

***Make sure that you have at least 2,000 worth of BAPs and try to earn at least $0.05as soon as possible to purchase the recycle ads, it will surely bring you a worth of $1 paid ads. 


Purchase bulk ads with minimum worth of $1 to get instant 3,100 BAP or equal to $1.55 value of paid ads. Any of your purchase thru Bulk Ads will be 155% in return. If you are going to purchase $10 Bulk Ads, it will be $15 value of paid ads, meaning that you earn $5 in your $10 investment. 

Input any URL or referral links from any site, just anything you want, example:

Then click verify (new tab will open, wait until you verified it then proceed again), after that click Opt out

In step 4, just input anything there or any words you want to add (you may repeat the words in 3 text fields)
In step 5, choose where you want to pay it (fees may apply on some payment method)

Once you're done, just click PURCHASE ADS.


You can use Ad Filter to filter out those low amount ads for a lifetime.

If you have purchased the ad filter and you have this amount of BAPS:
50,000 BAP your ads will worth with a minimum of $0.01
100,000 BAP your ads will worth with a minimum of  $0.05
200,000 BAP your ads will worth with a minimum of $0.10

Meaning that if you have 200,000 BAP and you are using ad filter, each ads you are going to click will worth more than $0.10 or even up to $100 if you are lucky.






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Lunes, Hulyo 28, 2014

8Share Review - Earn by sharing ads to Social Media

Did anyone looking for the best money making online without any investment? Why not try the 8share, its one of the legitimate money making online where you are able to earn by sharing special or ads to your social media like facebook, google+ and twitter. Making money within the comfort of your home is indeed one of the best thing that you could ever have. We are all looking for the best sideline, try 8share and enjoy making few bucks and try maximize your income.

Please take time to read the FAQ:
What is 8Share?
8Share is a private rewards club for social media users who like getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month, and being the first to introduce something new.
Who can join 8Share?
Anyone who loves sharing cool stuff with their friends via social media! 8Share is now in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Join now.
How do I get rewarded on 8Share?
Get paid in cash for sharing Specials. Get paid when you invite your friends too. Earn Bonus Points (BP) for being an active 8Share members. We also like running cool contests for you to win all sorts of gadgets and prizes. Learn more about rewards.
What is a Unique Visit (U.V.)?
A unique visit (U.V.) for members of 8Share Philippines, is a click on a Special link from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.
How will I receive my money I've earned from 8Share?
All money transaction will be made via online bank transfer, upon cash out request.
Do I have to pay to have an account on 8Share?
No, it's totally free.
Do I need anything special to use 8Share?
As long as you have a social network account like Twitter or Google+ and you love sharing cool stuff on it, then you're good. Join us here!
How can I be a part of 8Share?
Go to http://8share.com/ph and click the "Sign up" button to create a 8Share account. You will be required to activate your account in which, an activation link will be emailed to you. Check your email, click on the activation link received as you will be lead back to your 8Share homepage and you are good to go!
Why have I not gotten my activation e-mail?
The activation e-mail usually takes about 5 minutes to be delivered depending on the traffic. Sometimes the e-mail may end up in your spam or junk folder. However if it is taking too long then do let us know via the "Talk To Us" button on the bottom right of your 8Share Dashboard so we could assist you in this matter further. You must be logged in to view your 8Share Dashboard.
How do I earn money from sharing a Special?
You will be given a unique URL link for every Special you share - this link is used to track your unique visits. You will be rewarded for your unique visits as long as the Special is still running and its rewards are still available, until you have reached the maximum rewards for a particular Special.


You can sign up for your account here -- > Click here


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